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A Good Makeup Primer for Teens

Since their skin is usually oily to begin with, teens should opt for an oil-free foundation primer.A makeup primer can be a lifesaver for anyone that wears makeup. The right primer can help your foundation last longer, go on more smoothly and even fill in pores and other uneven skin texture. Teens that are starting to wear makeup, though, shouldn’t necessarily borrow their mom’s primer. Teen skin has specific concerns that can determine what type of primer works best. When shopping for a good primer for teenage skin, keep those issues in mind so you choose the best fit.

      Go Oil-Free

  • Due to fluctuations in hormones, teenage skin typically produces more oil than adult skin. Using a foundation primer that contains oil only adds more to the skin, which can cause problems for a teen’s complexion. That’s because excess oil can clog the pores and provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria that can cause acne. Teens should opt for a foundation primer with an oil-free formula so they don’t have to worry about congested pores and possible breakouts. A water-based foundation primer is usually a good fit for teenage skin.

      Keep It Matte

  • Foundation primers are usually available in several different finishes — luminous, semi-matte and matte. Since teens usually have oily skin, they should avoid primers that give the complexion any hint of shine, such as those with a luminous or even a semi-matte finish. Instead, opt for a foundation primer that offers a matte finish to help keep oily skin in check. In fact, you can even find mattifying primers that contain ingredients like rice starch, ground walnut shell or witch hazel to help absorb oil throughout the day so your skin stays shine-free and your makeup doesn’t break down.

    Fight Acne

    • While foundation primer is meant to help foundation last longer and prepare the skin for a smoother application, teenagers can also benefit from a primer that includes medicinal ingredients too — especially if they have acne-prone skin. Primers are available that contain acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid or soothing botanicals like green tea and licorice that can calm redness and irritation associated with breakouts. That means the primer doesn’t just make your makeup look better; it helps improve the condition of your skin too.

    Go Green

    • Because of acne breakouts and skin sensitivity issues, teenagers often struggle with redness in their skin. While foundation can cover some of the redness, it often helps to use a primer that has color-correcting properties to help tone down some of the discoloration so your makeup doesn’t have to do all the work. Since red and green are opposite one another on the color wheel, a green-tinted primer can neutralize red tones in the skin. However, it’s important to make sure that the primer is blended completely into the skin so there are no green spots that show through your foundation.


discusses the beauty, I made a beauty blog for females. Because this beauty blog on building a sense of importance. Why? Pretty sure because it is associated with men. How to look beautiful woman does not make men into leaving the woman.

Get info about natural beauty. Beauty is a makhkota woman. If you want to look beautiful, can read beauty tips naturally here. Articles in the tips for beauty. Read more about the beautiful

Other information about beauty in Seconds

Is there any woman look beautiful tang thus creating gentleman leave the woman?

Using Excessive Perfume Rather look beautiful that make Men Squeamish

Ladies, not a seductive scent that will attract its attention, it will make his nose stung because excessive perfume scent that You spread the word.

Use a Foundation or Concealer Layered Damaging elements of Natural Beauty

Ladies, your face is not the tart should be coated with the foundation of many various brands or colors. Basic wear enough make-up according to your skin tone. Don’t be alarmed by the color of your skin is exotic. If you do so, be prepared for Your spouse or abandoned it.

Excessive Eyeliner Application Makes The Eyes Look Creepy Rather Than Look Beautiful

Mean heart anyway would like to make your eyes more dramatic and sharp. Moreover, coupled with the accent-accent unique. Unfortunately, men prefer natural eyeliner application. You are not the lenong, ladies.

Dry Skin Beauty Damaging Skin Woman

Uncertain weather makes your skin be not friendly with your beauty. His intention anyway you use a moisturizing cream. But remember, don’t use excessive only because you want your skin rapidly moist. Nothing is instant. If you remain so, he wouldn’t be willing to touch you.

Yellow Teeth

Who would want to smooch with a yellow-toothed woman? To enlighten you do everything. But remember, as often as You whiten teeth is also not good. Not white teeth, and the teeth are porous.

Sticky Lip Gloss

Effects of lip gloss, bright and shiny does make you more beautiful and your lips seem fresh. But, if you are using excessive, not the gleaming lips in a sticky lips which thus can give effect ‘ slime ‘ on the lips.

The Hair Stiff

Ladies, there is no man who can wipe your hair if it is dry. Like to wipe the broom. Let alone with a hairstyle that is too curly, surely his inhibiting. He’s not even more interested in you will avoid you.

Don’t miss out on the latest info about natural beauty for women. Get immediate tips and infornya on the blog I have.

Get beauty tips and tricks. The main blog discusses more complete and useful beauty for women. Beautiful woman with a beauty treatment.

How to buy clothes for women online?

Nowadays, womens fashion clothing online have become very popular. This is due to the massive range that they get to select from online. You will not only find wide ranges of clothing on th e web, but you can also expect best bargains for them on the internet. There are different central focuses that run with it. One of the inclinations is that you have a wide blended pack of particular alternatives for scrutinize. Online stores have different sorts of vestments from arranged coordinators that may not be in your general district; along these lines, you have different bits of garments to look over. Different customers don’t have space timetable sharp to get out to a store and quest for discount brand name dress, which would make it less asking for them to know the method for the things before acquiring. Besides, some adjoining outlet stores don’t have the choice required for clients to discover those in vogue, sensible dresses, pants, shoes, or that perfect top they had at the most elevated purpose of the need once-over.

While wobbly bodies are revered in the style business, they don’t fit certifiable pieces of attire. On the off chance that you are shaky you can have a cumbersome look on the off chance that you don’t wear the right outfit. The cool thing is that there are different tips that you can put into thought and have a decision dainty look. You will be able to find massive options to select in terms of women’s basics clothing.

When you look for them on the internet. There are particular styles of dress, which can be detached into distinctive game plans relying on their cut. There are different styles of dress, from the pleasing dress that can be worn dependably, to the formal dress that is by and large worn just on exceptional events. In this late portrayal is the outfit, made without a doubt saw through particular youths’ story. Make-up ought to be irrelevant, with lipstick and nail shimmer preservationist tones. Pantyhose ought to be immaculate (no runs) and element in shading. Do whatever it takes not to have incredible smell or cologne.

With a choosing goal to look really chic, you go out and purchase a top, shirt, skirt, sack and shoes-all in puma print. Repulsive move. Examining unmistakable roads as for examples is fun, yet head-to-toe isn’t the way. Fundamentally, don’t splash your storeroom with any single style or graph. Payload jeans are cool, yet not in the occasion that they’re the sort of jeans you promise. Equality is key. You ought to pay outstanding identity to style that helps you to underscore the way of your body and that permits you to cover its insufficiency in the interim. A valid example, ladies who have slight figures ought to wear vestments, for occurrence, one piece dress, V neck dresses that are flawless to highlight their weak waistlines. Ladies who have tall figures ought not wear stripes that make them look gigantic and horrifying.

Author Bio: Winston James helps the readers to find out everything about women’s basics clothing to learn everything about womens fashion clothing online in Canada.

Modeling Classes for Teens

Modeling schools can give teens polish and confidence.There’s nothing more glamorous to many teenagers than the upscale world of fashion modeling. Inundated with sophisticated images from the glossy pages of the magazines they read, teens often dream of making it big as a top model. The opportunity to make lots of money, see the world and become famous is an alluring prospect. Whether or not they become models in the long run, many teens can benefit from the poise and polish gained at a reputable modeling school.


  • Two well-known schools with nationwide locations are Barbizon Modeling and Acting Centers and John Roberts Powers School Systems. Both institutions offer courses in modeling and acting for children, teens and adults. The objective of these modeling schools is not to secure jobs or bookings for students, however, but to provide them with a solid foundation for success in the industry. The schools are not agencies, although Barbizon does have an in-house agency. They provide a well-rounded curriculum to train and educate students about the modeling industry and modeling careers.


  • Whether or not a teen becomes a professional model, a modeling school education offers numerous benefits. Poise and confidence are just two things many people report gaining on completion of a modeling school program. An improved personal appearance typically results as well, owing to increased attention and knowledge regarding fashion, cosmetic application, skin and hair care, poise and social graces. Graduates of modeling schools may often conduct themselves in a more professional and mature way than those who have never attended similar classes. Modeling schools also teach students the ins and outs of the modeling world, such as how to contact an agency, how to pose for photographs and how to behave during a photo shoot.


  • Courses offered at modeling schools typically include training in poise, posture, confidence and appearance. Lessons on how to walk on a runway, turn, and perform graceful moves and facial expressions enable a potential model to develop a professional presence for assignments and “go-sees” — interviews to secure modeling assignments. Professional photography sessions are scheduled, and prospective models are coached on posing, makeup, hair and wardrobe. Speech and voice techniques are included in the event commercial opportunities arise.


  • While not every teen who attends a modeling school skyrockets to success as a top model, there are numerous opportunities available to graduates. High-fashion modeling is usually the most well-known and sought-after type of work, but not everyone is suited for the runway. Even those not chosen for haute couture fashion shows have opportunities. Jobs in commercials, catalogs, music videos and at local events are all possibilities for the professionally trained modeling school graduate.

Beauty Tips for Sixth Graders

Sixth-grade girls need very little by way of cosmetics of heavy skin products.Sixth-grade girls are still so young and fresh-faced, they barely need beauty tips at all. Just beginning adolescence, the harsh realities of acne and the necessity of a strict skin care regimen haven’t quite hit home yet. However, if you teach your teen girl a few tips and tricks on skin care and how to keep it light with cosmetics, she might never have to endure the horrors that can accompany teen skin.

Wash Up Frequently

  • One of the mistakes younger girls make, particularly around sixth grade when they become more social than ever before, is skipping cleansing routines for their faces. This is when skin can start to look duller and acne problems persist. Encourage your sixth grader to wash her face thoroughly each morning before heading out the door and each evening before heading to bed. If she spent the day getting sweaty, a cleansing right after school wouldn’t hurt either.

Skip the Face Makeup

  • Sixth graders are often accused of trying to grow up much too fast. If this is the case for the teen in your life, you might want to put the brakes on when it comes to face makeup. Sixth-grade girls shouldn’t mar their youthful skin by caking on foundation, powder or other unnecessary facial products. They don’t need it and it can cause outbreaks.

Favor Gloss Over Sticks

  • Sixth-grade girls are still fairly young and therefore don’t need to wear bright lipsticks to school or on jaunts with their friends. Encourage your young one to wear lip gloss, which is not only more age-appropriate, but emphasizes the beautiful natural hue of her lips. Moreover, she can experiment with colors, glitters and various glossy embellishments, which is something actual lipstick choices don’t generally offer.

No Eye Makeup

  • Sixth-grade girls don’t need eye makeup anymore than they need to slosh on the foundation. For special occasions only, a light eye shadow might be in order. But definitely skip the mascara — which can weigh down her still growing eyelashes — and the eyeliner. The latter will add age to your sixth grader, which could result in her being approached by much older teens, boys in particular.

Soursop for Health Benefits

Soursop for Health Benefits – The following description of nutrient content and usability of fruit, flowers and seeds of soursop / tailings to health, especially for the treatment of cancer, hemorrhoids, liver disease, ulcers, eczema, rheumatism, lumbago.

Other names: Soursop (UK), corossol or Anone (France), Zuurzak (Netherlands) Guanabana (Spanish), graviola (Portuguese), Brazilian Paw Paw, Corossolier, Guanavana, toge-Banreisi, Bengal Durian, Jackfruit Blanda, and Jackfruit Londa .

Nutrient Content of soursop fruit is as follows:
Soursop fruit consists of 67.5 percent pulp, 20 percent of the fruit skin, fruit seeds 8.5 percent and 4 percent of the core pieces.
After water, the highest content of nutrients in the soursop is carbohydrates. One type of carbohydrate on soursop fruit is a reducing sugar (glucose and fructose) with levels of 81.9 to 93.6 percent of the total sugar content.
Soursop fruit contains very little fat (0.3 g/100 g), so it is good for health. Sour taste in soursop derived from non-volatile organic acids, mainly malic acid, citric acid, and acid isositrat.

Vitamins are the most dominant in the soursop fruit is vitamin C, which is about 20 mg per 100 grams of fruit flesh. Requirement of vitamin C per person per day (ie 60 mg), can be met only by consuming 300 grams of meat soursop fruit. The content of vitamin C is high enough on the soursop is an excellent antioxidant to boost the immune system and slow the aging process (stay young).
Dominant minerals are phosphorus and calcium, respectively by 27 and 14 mg/100 g. Both minerals are essential for the formation of bone mass, making it useful to form strong bones and prevent osteoporosis.

In addition to nutritional components, soursop fruit is also very rich in non-nutritional components. One of them is a lot of fiber-containing food (dietary fiber), which reached 3.3 g / 100 g of fruit flesh.
Consumption of 100 g of fruit flesh can meet 13 percent of food needs of fiber a day. Soursop fruit is a fruit that is rich in phytochemical compounds, so as to ensure that the fruits are very much beneficial for health.
Phytochemical compounds are likely to have health giving properties, although not all scientifically proven. Range of benefits for therapy, among others, soursop treatment of gallstones, antisembelit, uric acid, and increased appetite. In addition, the fiber content also serves to facilitate digestion, especially for the treatment of constipation (hard bowel movements).
Fruit juice (juice) soursop in the digestive system

Studies at Purdue University show that graviola leaf can kill cancer cells effectively, particularly cancer cells: prostate, pancreas, and lungs.

The results of some of the university’s research to prove if the magic tree and its fruit can be:

  1. Attacking cancer cells with naturally safe and effective, without nausea, weight loss, hair loss, as happened in chemo therapy.
  2. Protecting the immune system and prevent deadly infections.
  3. Increased energy and improved physical appearance.
  4. Effectively selecting a target and kill the bad cells from 12 different types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung, and pancreas.
  5. Power works 10,000 times stronger in slowing the growth of cancer cells compared with adriamycin and chemo therapy is commonly used.
  6. Unlike chemo therapy, this juice is only selectively hunt down and kill the bad cells and not harm or kill healthy cells.

Traditional prescription medicine with the following soursop

  • Treatment of Cancer. – 10 that old soursop leaves boiled in 3 cups of water until the remaining 1 cup, drink 2 times per day for 2 weeks. Soursop leaves are said to nature such as chemotherapy, even more remarkable because soursop leaves only kill cells that grow abnormally and allow cells to grow normally.
  • Pain. 20 soursop leaves, boiled with 5 cups water to boiling until tinggal3 glasses, drink 1 a day 3 / 4 cup. 
  • Infant Diarrhoea. Soursop fruit is ripe. Soursop fruit is squeezed and filtered to take water, drenched diarrhea in infants as much as 2-3 tablespoons. 
  • Hemorrhoid. Soursop fruit is ripe. Squeeze to take water as much as 1 cup, and drink 2 times a day, morning and afternoon. 
  • Boils. Soursop leaves are still young enough, stick it in a place exposed to ulcers.
  • Anyang-anyangen (Urinary Tract Infection).Half-ripe soursop and sugar to taste. Soursop peeled and boiled with sugar with 2 cups of water, filtered and drunk.
  • Urine Bladder Pain. Half-ripe soursop fruit, sugar and salt to taste. All material is cooked compote made. Eaten plain, and performed regularly every day for 1 week in a row.
  • Liver disease. Another fast food, only drink soursop juice for 1 week
  • Eczema and Rheumatism. Mash until smooth soursop leaves and apply on the affected part
  • Soursop flowers can be used to cure cataracts but how do I use belom tau. If I’ve got the recipe I will add here.

Beauty strategies for beautiful women with caring attention

Any person can end up being attracted by eyes associated with beautiful women. So eye caring method as beauty tips ought to be followed strictly. In this article we now have mentioned some techniques for beautiful girls to consider care your eyes so you look like pretty ladies. The following advice can help you look after your own eye in addition to make you a stunning shape.

Beauty tips 1- Consider Multivitamin

Beautiful women should have a multivitamin. It is a real great eye caring method as beauty tips. Nutritional vitamins along with the nutrient zinc happen to become proven marketing attention well being. Fifty in years previous, physicians had been convinced when individuals consumed a regular, well balanced diet strategy, these people didn’t require health supplements. Whenever selecting a multivitamin from the needs for growing older in addition to phase associated with living. Having multivitamins will keep your eyes from senior years, complications and look stunning

Beauty tips 2 — leave smoking

It is a good eye technique for stunning women to leave cigarette smoking. Having a smoking decreases blood flow towards the eye and may improve the amount of poisonous ingredients (such as tar in addition to smoking) your personal eye soaks up.

Elegance tips 3 – maintain eyes easy

Get gone a few gentle. While you won’t completely harm your personal eye through reading, through as well as employed in the candlestick lit region, you can trigger short-term eyestrain that can lead to headaches as well because exhaustion. Beautiful eyes tend to be always looking fresh, so you shouldn’t give pressure on this. It is an excellent eye caring technique as beauty strategies for you.

Beauty tips 4- maintain eye watery

Have they split. It is a great eye caring technique as beauty tips which means that your eyes would not end up being older. An additional method to avoid eyestrain is always to consider regular breaks or cracks within the screen regard to 10 just a few seconds. It is a distinctive eye caring technique as beauty strategies for beautiful women. Exercises of eyes are very simple and you will get instant result.

Beauty tips 5 – keep your close relation doctor

Stunning eyes are god talented. So you should consider enough care if this. Don’t disregard indicators. Attention physicians may cope with numerous possible severe vision difficulties when they are usually captured earlier sufficient. Observe your personal doctor should you encounter blurry as well as dual eyesight, in case your vision become discomfort or even are usually irritated through the glare related to lighting. It is an immediate eye caring technique as beauty strategies for you as a stunning woman.

Beauty tips 6- consider extra care of the eye

If you are the middle aged beautiful woman you need to take extra care. It’s also a nice eye patient technique as beauty strategies for you. You should acquire normal attention examinations. Starting off from grows old forty, obtain yearly attention examinations and possess your own attention physician look for indicators associated with glaucoma in addition to retinal harm, even if you are a proper developed without any eyesight issues.
Beside as part associated with eye caring technique because beauty tips  you are able to drink enough water as well as take green vegetable. You need to avoid direct sun which dries up your eye.
After reading the post on eye caring method as beauty tips Utes, you can keep your own eyes safe from your self.

How to Lose Belly Weight in a Week

Exercise and control your portions to lose belly weight in a week.Ninety-nine percent of people lose weight from their abdominal region before weight loss happens in another part of the body, according to WebMD. Assess how much belly weight you want to lose in a week, and keep yourself motivated by creating a mantra. For instance, repeating the phrase, “I will look and feel healthy in a week,” might inspire your commitment to weight loss.



      • 1

        Create a weight loss plan — and be realistic about your ability to follow it. For instance, if ice cream is a weakness, allow yourself one spoonful a night so you do not binge on it mid-week. In addition, outline a healthy diet and exercise plan that you can follow every day.

      • 2

        Eat whole grains and lean meats such as salmon, nuts, grains and lean cuts of beef. A diet rich in whole grains and lean meats can help your body mobilize fat stores, notes WebMD. The proper diet can get your fat active and burning.

    • 3

      Trim carbohydrates from your diet. Refined foods, including white bread and pasta, elevate your blood sugar levels and help fat build up and become stored. If you must eat bread, pay attention to the serving size — one slice of bread is typically one serving of bread.

    • 4

      Eat monounsaturated fats in moderation. These include avacados, soybeans, olive and canola oils, nuts and seeds. While some monounsaturated fats do have health benefits for your heart, they are still fats and can be high in calories.

    • 5

      Perform weightlifting exercises two days a week, cardio three days a week and some type of stretching routine such as yoga. You can make a difference in your belly weight with exercise, which burns calories instantly, while you are creating a routine that you should stick to when the week ends.


Need of a certified dentist

There a few moments which make one feel embarrassed regarding their own smile and this generally happens because of the inappropriate teeth or broken or missing teeth. Even the discoloring and a few other issues make one suffer to face the world as one need a pleasant and impressive smile. To laugh happily and owe a sparkling tooth it is a must that people should pay the general dentist visits occasionally. Even after you follow various health tips, dental issues arise in a few cases and they require the treatment offered by an expert. Dental issues are never ending and one can get cured of the oral troubles after the proper treatment offered by a certified dentist. It is a must that you choose the professional and a well experienced dental care professional who guides in the right way.


  • A few issues make the smooth life much messy and the dental issues make one visit the dentist frequently. While searching for a professional who offers dental care Aurora, Co then have a look at com as you get the best solution to all the oral problems you generally face.
  • Getting prompt solutions is not very easy and dental issues consume much time and one need to visit the doctor as per the guidance. Also, there is a friendly group of professionals who are well trained and highly skilled.
  • The team of dentist are dedicated in serving people due to which you can easily choose a dentist who solve all your oral health issues and enjoy a wonderful smile. One need to visit the dentist as per the recommended sittings and due to this one should have the dental clinic nearby to office of residence.
  • This comforts one to visit the doctor without missing and not even breaking the routine. And it is possible to get one dental office in Aurora, Co after a thorough research. In the present scenario every second person has some or the other dental issue and the majority of the people pay frequent visits to a dentist.
  • So try to ask your friend of any close associate before you search on your own. If not start searching over the internet and this is one easy way to choose a certified professional who offer essential services

See that you choose a dentist who is licensed as only such an experienced professional helps in earning a beautiful smile. Also it is a must that you get an idea regarding the dentist before visiting and see that he gives a consultation to people of all ages. As children suffer with cavities, tooth pain, tooth decay and a few issues more that elders. See that the certified dentist whom you choose is available at emergency or even provide his/her contact details for assistance. It is a must that you gather all the communication details of the dentist Aurora, Co as no one can predict the coming pain. So never hurry in picking a dentist as the dental treatments consume much of your time and money it is a must that you carry on your search carefully and pick of skillful professional.

Why Do Beauty Companies Assume Women Are Stupid?

Yes of course the women in the adverts are young, genetically blessed and sometimes also benefit from plastic surgery. They are unrealistically beautiful, selling an image, not the potential results of the lipstick, face cream or whatever product is being flogged. I assume that most intelligent women know that the pseudo-scientific gibberish accompanying the photograph is pretty much meaningless – cellulite is just fat cells, so whilst a cream can make the skin temporarily smoother, it won’t dissolve the fat.

I wouldn’t use Rodial even when it’s given to me for free because I didn’t like the way Maria Hatzistefanis apparently threatened a surgeon who questioned her scientific claims with libel, and then the lawyers threatened campaigners who broke the story of the threat, and then … Click here for all the accounts, but a company that won’t substantiate scientific claims and threatens lawsuits against those who question them is slightly too Kafkaesque for my tastes.

  I had used the Rodial products I’d been given before this and they were okay, nothing more. I much prefer good pharmacy brands such as La Roche Posay in France, or Korres and Apivita, but like all women I also like lotions and potions in pretty packages and sometimes go for fancier brands.

So this morning I ordered the Liberty Beauty Advent Calender. Yes it’s expensive, but Liberty had also just emailed me a discount voucher, so if I added one small item to the order I would get £30 off. I checked to make sure it was not excluded from the offer, and it was not. I place the order, paid for delivery tomorrow, and Liberty confirmed the order. Simple.

This is what the page looked like when I placed the order:

At some point today Liberty changed their minds, and after I had ordered changed the page to this. Because mail order laws in the UK are very strict (and yes I do know them as it’s the family business), and internet orders including eBay transactions count as mail order, 99% of companies would have fulfilled the existing orders, and added the exclusion to future orders, in accordance with mail order laws.

Liberty are instead trying to cancel the Advent Calender part of my order, but not the small item I also purchased, and want to charge me full premium delivery for a hair band. Do they really think women are stupid? Or maybe they think we sniff the nail varnish remover?

I tend to buy beauty products from Latest in Beauty and Cult Beauty, businesses run by women who don’t think we’re brainless bimbos.

Liberty? Why would I give my money to a company that doesn’t respect the law.

They took the money out of my account, so they had accepted my order and can’t changed their minds and renege on an agreement …

Update – I was so pissed off I dug my heels in, and Liberty decided to honour the order as a “goodwill gesture” … ie in accordance with the law. I have to be honest, I think I’ll stick to companies where it’s a pleasure to shop, but for some reason my non-wicked lovely step-mother seems to like the place.

The Best Vitamins for Skin & Hair

The Best Vitamins for Skin & Hair

Best Vitamins and Minerals for Skin

  • Vitamin A is essential to keep skin’s elasticity, prevent dryness, wrinkles and aging of the skin. A person deficient in vitamin A will have flakiness, itching and possibly pimples. Vitamin A can be found in meat, milk, cheese, eggs, spinach, carrots, squash and broccoli.

    Of the vitamin B complex group, biotin is the most important for healthy skin. It is available in bananas, eggs, oatmeal and rice. The body also produces biotin.

    Vitamin C keeps skin well-toned. A deficiency can cause wrinkles and skin discoloration. As skin ages, more vitamin C is essential to maintain elasticity. Broccoli, kale, cabbage, strawberries and cantaloupe are all full of Vitamin C.

    Vitamin E restores moisture to skin and slows the aging of skin cells. Vegetable oil, green leafy vegetables and nuts are good sources of vitamin E.

    Iron transports oxygen in the blood to hair and skin. Magnesium helps the absorption of other vitamins and minerals. Zinc helps prevent sagging and wrinkles.

Best Vitamins and Minerals for Hair

    • Vitamin A produces healthy sebum in the scalp. Vitamin E and vitamin C help with scalp circulation and restore moisture to hair. Vitamin B complex, copper, chromium and iron all help maintain hair color and prevent hair loss. Calcium and magnesium work together for healthy hair growth. Zinc works with vitamin A to keep hair healthy and avoid dryness.


  • Vitamins and minerals are necessary for healthy hair and skin. Deficiencies can cause hair loss and dry, flaky skin. Too much of any vitamin or mineral can cause hair loss, skin disorders and toxicity in the body. Eating a balanced diet is the best nutrient advice for hair and skin. Vitamin supplements can be beneficial, too. Depending on your age, your doctor may prescribe vitamin supplements to nourish your hair and skin. Vitamin C is usually increased as you age. Usual dosage is 500 mg. The beta-carotene in vitamin A is one major nutrient for hair and skin. Vitamin B complex is also essential for both hair and skin. Calcium and magnesium are usually considered a good supplement along with 400 I.U. of vitamin E. The calcium and magnesium are increased as you age. The doctor will determine what the best dosage is for your age and condition. The main concern is to eat healthy.

Inner Health for Outer Beauty

Probiotic literally means “for life”, and unlike the foreign bacteria which cause illness and infection, probiotics can play an important role in pro-moting intestinal health. Probiotics are similar to the good bacteria which occur naturally in the digestive tract and can be beneficial in treating a range of ailments, including skin conditions such as acne and eczema.

Healthy intestinal flora is essential for the effective digestion of food. By promoting healthy bacteria, probiotics aid the proper absorption of nutri-ents and minerals, and help establish a barrier against a variety of harmful bacteria, allergens, free radicals and pollutants.

Poor bacterial ecology can exacerbate hormonal, digestive and immune im-balances. These imbalances can in turn effect virtually all chronic skin dis-eases. Dandruff, candida, leaky gut syndrome and acne are just some of the skin conditions which may be associated with a lack of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract. Rosacea and eczema – skin ailments often related to stomach acid and nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities, and faulty fatty acid metabolism – may also be exacerbated by low levels of healthy intesti-nal bacteria.

Supplementing your diet with super strain probiotics will help cleanse the digestive tract and promote a clear complexion. Kassie of Kasia Organics Skin Care suggests introducing  Immuno Viva Probiotic + for healthy gut flora, along with a diet rich in living foods, fresh organic fruit and vegeta-bles and plenty water.  These nutrients not only nourish and feed the skin, they also cleanse the intestinal tract, and as your gut becomes healthier, so too will your complexion. A foundation of Salon Kasia and Beautiful Health is directly related to your internal health.

Note: Choose your probiotics supplements carefully. Not all probiotic sup-plements will have the same qualities.

How to Get Rid of Split Ends and Keep Your Hair Healthy

Split ends occur when the bottom tips of hair become dry and damaged and split in half vertically. Once it occurs, there is nothing you can do to mend them back together. While cutting them off is the only way to get rid of them, you can prevent split ends by keeping your hair healthy. This means regular maintenance and minimal exposure to heat.

Cutting and Regular Trims

  • Once split ends occur, you can only “repair” them by snipping them off. Have your hairdresser take care of them since home scissors are usually not as sharp as professional shears (dull blades can exacerbate the problem). When getting rid of split ends, you may need to cut off more than you would normally. Aim for an inch or two above the top of the ends to ensure healthy hair at your tips. Regular trims — every six to eight weeks — will keep your hair fresh, minimizing your risk of split ends. You don’t have to cut off as much during follow-up trims — sometimes a quarter inch is sufficient to keep hair tidy.

Reduce Heat, Keep It Moisturized

  • Dryness is the main culprit when it comes to split ends. This is especially true during colder winter months, when the air drains strands of needed moisture. To reduce dryness, refrain from using heat treatments if possible, such as blow-drying and straightening. Regular deep conditioning treatments is a must. Beauty editors at “Cosmopolitan” also recommend using a protein-based treatment cream on hair to help keep it nourished, as it temporarily seals in moisture. Fine hair and hair that has been colored or permed are especially susceptible to dryness, so choose products that target your specific type of hair.

5 Breathing Techniques for Weight Loss


When it comes to losing weight and boosting our metabolism, we tend to focus on fad diets and supplements rather than thinking about our breath. Surprisingly, the breath plays a major role in fat loss and metabolism.

Taking 15 minutes a day to just breathe a little deeper could help aid in weight loss.

Fat is made up of oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. When oxygen makes its way to the fat molecules, it breaks them down into carbon dioxide and water. The blood filters out the carbon dioxide and gives it to the lungs to be exhaled. Oxygen also thins the blood, which lowers your blood pressure and speeds up metabolism. That’s a pretty cool perk for something the body does on its own.

Add some conscious breathing to your daily routine with one of these five methods.

Method 1: Deep Breathing For Relaxation
1. Exhale all the air from your lungs.
2. Inhale slowly through the nose for six counts.
3. Hold at the top of your inhale for six counts.
4. Exhale slowly for six counts.
5. Check your posture. Are you slouching with your exhale? If you’re slouching, readjust your position to ensure a straight spine and repeat steps 2 through 5.

Do this 10 times each evening or when you start to feel stressed or overwhelmed. You can do the exercise lying down, sitting up or standing.

Method 2: Deep Breathing For Energy
1. Exhale all the air from your lungs.
2. Inhale slowly through the nose for six counts. When you feel like your lungs are completely filled, take one more sip of air.
3. Hold your breath for eight counts. Work toward eventually holding it for 12 counts.
4. Exhale through the mouth for eight counts. Do not release all the air at once. Try pursing your lips to release air more slowly. When you feel like you have no more air in your lungs, exhale one breath more.
5. Hold your breath again for 8 counts, keeping your ribcage and abdomen tight and contracted. If you can’t hold your breath for eight counts without feeling overwhelmed, hold your breath for less time and try to work toward eight counts.

Repeat these steps 10 times in the morning and anytime during the day for a burst of energy. You can do this exercise sitting or standing.

Method 3: Alternate Nostril Breathing for Cleansing
1. Sit up straight and place your left hand comfortably on your left knee.
2. Place the tip of your right index finger and middle finger on the space between your eyebrows. Place your right thumb on your right nostril. Position your right ring finger near your left nostril.
3. Press your thumb down on your right nostril and exhale through the left nostril until there’s no more air in your lungs. Breathe in deeply through your left nostril.
4. Release the pressure on your right nostril, press down with your ring finger on your left nostril, and exhale through your right nostril until there’s no more air in your lungs.
5. Release the pressure on your left nostril, and breathe in through your right nostril.
6. Repeat steps 3 through 5.

Remain in a comfortable seat position and repeat this sequence five to seven times.

Method 4: The Breath of Fire For Metabolism
1. Sit up very straight and place your fists on your core center. This will encourage you to keep your core contracted.
2. Exhale all the air from your lungs.
3. Inhale slowly through the nose for six counts.
4. Purse your lips and make short, powerful exhalations. Do not inhale in between exhalations. The force of the exhalations will naturally bring air back into your lungs. Exhale 50 to 100 times, gradually increasing the number of exhales.
5. On the last exhale, force all of the air from your lungs and hold for one count.
6. Relax and breathe normally.

Do this sitting on your knees or in a comfortable seated position.

Method 5: Vacuum Breathing For Toning the Core
1. Place your knees and hands on the ground.
2. Exhale all the air from your lungs while sucking your belly in.
3. Hold your breath and expand your lungs without an inhaling. Try to pull your stomach to your spine.
4. Hold this position for 10 seconds.
5. Release your breath slowly and repeat.

Do this for five minutes each day.


Natural Ingredients redden lips Beautiful And Proven Effective – how can Redden the lips so original atar look beautiful memepesona with red lips woman?

In my blog, Natural Beauty Tips For Women With Natural, there are many articles that discuss about the surrounding natural beauty. Natural beauty is highly recommended to do the ladies because it concerned with health aspects as well. You can read more of my main blog which discusses the details of women’s beauty, naturally.

3 natural ingredients Lips Beautiful and Redden the Proven

Get info about natural beauty. Beauty is a makhkota woman. If you want to look beautiful, can read beauty tips naturally here. Tips for healthy beauty women therapy is a natural way. Read more about the beautiful


Substances that are contained in the avocado can heal or remove the black color on your lips and make your lips pink blushes again, to use this method, you can blend the avocado you have blender with 3 drops of olive oil, your behavior apply throughout all the sections of your lips.


How to Redden the lips naturally further is to use butter. In addition to Redden your lips, using butter you can also cope with dry lips. In this way easy to use once you just Buttering it overlooks the part on your lips evenly.

Almond Oil

The content of vitamin E found in almonds can moisturize the lips and Redden lips naturally. To use it just like avocado and butter, you are simply applying almond oil to your all the black lips.

Other natural ingredients can Redden your lips is honey, glycerin, cilantro, yogurt, rosewater, saffron, olive oil and lime juice.

So how to Redden the lips that I give, may be useful for you who have a problem with the Black Lips, if anyone would like to ask you, please ask using the comment field below.

If this is acceptable please share this article with the use of social media that you use. Share the article with the title how to Redden the Lips naturally and potent.

Get beauty tips and tricks. The main blog discusses more complete and useful beauty for women. Beautiful woman with a beauty treatment.

How Should I Wear My Makeup for Prom?

Emma Stone sports retro makeup at the premiere of "The Croods" in Berlin, Germany.

Just like there’s no one prom dress that looks magical on every girl, there’s no particular makeup look that’s your perfect prom go-to. You do, however, have options galore. Always begin by concealing dark or blemished spots with concealer and apply all-over tinted moisturizer or sheer foundation with a makeup sponge for prepped skin. After that, simply gravitate toward the makeup look that blends best with your personal style and the vibe you crave to ensure you feel like the belle of the ball.

Super Smoky Eyes

  • Forget the usual earth-tone smoky eyes you rock with a date night outfit and get super-smoky by adding some color to the mix. If you’re wearing a neutral dress, reach for a colorful eye shadow, such as cobalt blue or peacock green. With a colorful dress, go neutral but not boring with a metallic dark chocolate or deep silver. Or, if you’ve chosen a dress in soft color, such as antiqued green, go tonal with a muted green that’s a shade darker or lighter than your dress color. Line your inner rims with black liner and apply the shadow to your top eyelid just above your crease. Apply shadow beneath your lower lashes, as well. Finish your eyes with two coats of black mascara on top and bottom lashes. Sweep a bit of sheer blush along your cheeks in a color that matches your lips and swipe on clear lip gloss.

Romantic Retro

  • Whether you chose a tea-length dress or a cinched-waistline reminiscent of the ’50s or ’60s, a retro look is just right. Go for a classic black cat eye and soft cheeks and lips. Dip an eyeliner brush into black gel or cream liner and line your top lash line all the way across. At the outermost corner of your eye, angle your brush up at a 45 degree angle toward your temple. Extend the line out just a bit at this angle to create a gentle cat-eye effect. Sweep sheer hot pink blush over the apples of your cheeks — this universally flattering color will create a baby pink glow when you use a sheer formulation. Apply berry tinted lip balm to your lips and you’re done.

    Luscious Lips

    • If you’re a fan of a pout full of saturated color, this glamorous makeup will add a sultry, sexy touch to your prom ensemble. However, creating a balanced look that’s not too overdone is the key to a beautiful finish. Go classic with a bold red in a shade that’s right for your skin tone. Start by looking at the veins on the inside of your wrist; if they’re blue, you have a cool complexion and if they’re green you have a warm complexion. Cool girls, reach for a red lipstick with blue undertones; warm girls, opt for orange-based reds. Apply a rosy blush to your cheeks, a color that works on all skin tones. Carefully apply your red lipstick and blot with a tissue if there’s excessive color. Finish off with two coats of black mascara on top and bottom lashes.

    Sweet and Simple

    • If you’re the type of girl who goes for a subtle, almost natural look, illuminate your features with barely-there makeup. Start by applying brown eye liner along your top lash line to gently define your eyes. Add one coat of black/brown mascara to top lashes only. For a sun-kissed look, sweep a bronzer free of orange tones over the apples of your cheeks. Swipe on nude lipstick — if you have a cool complexion, go for a pink-based nude. Warm complexion girls, reach for a nude with a peachy cast. For a little more color, layer a sheer peach blush over your bronzer. Cool skin tones, peachy-pink blush is the way to go while girls with warm skin tones should reach for a coral-peach blush.

6 Ways to Use Spring Water for Flawless Skin

Thermal spring water Spray for skin irritation - Beauty Tips Indian WomenThermal water facial sprays are slowly becoming an important part of a woman’s daily skin care routine. We find out what makes the new generation mist such a must have in your beauty arsenal.

Call them the latest beauty darlings, thermal water sprays are in demand all over the world because of their popularity. Thermal water is mineral water that comes from thermal springs. Since it flows from the depths of the earth, mainly in mountainous regions, it is free of bacteria and dirt. It is not only pure, it is rich in

minerals, salts, trace elements and nutrients.

The Benefits: Depending on its composition and source, thermal water can help address various issues. It is often used to treat acne and eczema and reduce burn related damages and scars. For these specific purposes, water containing calcium, magnesium or sodium bicarbonate is the right choice. It is also perfect to soothe skin after sun exposure or a dermatological treatment (eg- exfoliation, microdermabrasion). The mineral salts in it repair the skin barrier and even out the skin.

Available in spray form, it is easy to use on red, irritated skin anytime and anywhere! Recommended for sensitive, dehydrated or dry skin. For best use, you simply have to spray the mist on the skin.

6 Other ways to use your thermal water spray:

  • Use it as a toner after cleansing and before moisturizing. It will reduce redness of the skin and close the pores naturally.
  • Apply it on your body after a bath. Let it stay for a minute and then seal it in by applying a layer of body oil or lotion. The water hydrates your skin and the elements in it protect and soothe.
  • Set your make-up with it. After you have applied your make-up, sprits of thermal water on your face will help set it.
  • Use it as a refreshing face mist while travelling, especially during summer. It will instantly cool your skin and remove the dullness.
  • Use it for treating mild burns and wounds like a sunburn or razor burn. A spray of thermal water will help ease the sting.
  • It can also be sprayed on open, clean wounds to calm inflammation and temporarily relieve pain. It is also good for relieving the sting from chaffing or nappy rash.

Advantageous Organic Beauty Products

People are using organic beauty products because they are aware of the disadvantages of using chemical rich ordinary soaps and creams. New educated class is more health conscious than its predecessors. Today people know the after effects and side effects of using soaps with high concentration of chemicals and petroleum byproducts.

What your skin needs is nourishment. It is capable of braving the summer sun, dry air and dust and grime that travels with the air. Skin is the first defense against external elements and you need to strengthen this defense. But by using chemical rich soaps and creams, you are doing just opposite.

Ordinary soaps seems to work well as it cleans the skin pores and also rejuvenates the skin cells and tissues but it is a side effect of the chemical and this good effect subsides within a few hours. The chemical cleans the skin pores but also it removes the natural oil. Another disadvantage of using a chemical rich soap is that it makes skin muscles lose and in this way cause wrinkles.

Organic beauty products are made from plant extracts and the plants used in making these goods have medicinal value. Soap, cream and lotions made with natural elements have plenty of nourishment for skin cells and tissues. Also these good heal the wounded the cells and repair the broken tissues. Using organic cream and soap would bring the natural color of your skin out. These products would keep the skin clean, clear and glowing.

It is said that soaps and creams that have plant extracts are slow in giving results and also they come in limited fragrances. But this is not true. These products would strengthen your skin cells so that they can keep working even in extreme circumstances. The fragrances available in these goods are many. They come in rose, lavender, lily and many fragrances.

Organic beauty products are expensive. Yes they are expensive than chemical rich ordinary beauty soaps and creams. If you want to save money at the cost of your health then you should keep using ordinary goods. But if you want to get health instead of money then you should choose beauty care goods made with natural elements.

Organic beauty products are available at selected places. It is totally wrong as these goods are sold by leading departmental stores and also by online stores. Demand for organic soaps and creams is growing and every health products store is selling organic beauty goods to take advantage of the demand.

Bye Bye Facial Tics

Facial tics are involuntary movements or spasms that occur in the face muscles. Most of the time they involve the eyes blinking, mouth twitching and nose moving involuntarily.

This most commonly happens among children but can carry on into adulthood, in rare cases. The facial tics normally occur quite often and is usually a nuisance to the person that is affected by it.

We normally have a lot of control over what our muscles do. This is not the case with facial tics, though. It is possible to suppress a facial tic for a very short period of time but once they are left unchecked it provides a great sense of relief. You can compare it to trying to suppress a sneeze. When you finally allow yourself to sneeze it feels really good.

Facial tics can be a temporary nuisance or can go on for years. Children often develop them during times of great stress and then they go away after the stress disappears. The long term tics are also known as chronic motor tic disorder. If a facial tic is accompanied by a vocal tic then the diagnosis might turn out to be Tourette’s syndrome.

Nobody has figured out why facial tics occur. It has been proven to run in families, though. Studies have shown that it might have to do with an abnormality in brain chemicals or vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Tics can be triggered or made worse by illness, stress, injury to the head or prescriptions.

If you are concerned by your facial tics then you should go see a doctor. The diagnosis is made by considering what the patient reports and giving a complete physical. If the tics are not of the normal variety then the doctor might recommend an EEG scan so that movement conditions and seizures can be ruled out.

There are many ways to go about treating facial tics. Prescriptions, therapy and meditation (relaxation) techniques are often called for by the doctor. If the tics seem to be a short term problem then the best treatment option is probably to let it go and watch them go away on their own. If the tics become so extreme that they interrupt your daily life then a medication, such as Risperidone might be prescribed.

There are many natural products that can help to make facial tics easier on you. Hyoscyamus can help to stop the spasms and soothe nervous irritations. It is also useful in treating Tourette’s syndrome. Zinc will help your body to absorb minerals and will help stop muscle spasms. It is also useful for soothing the nervous system. Cina helps to relieve twitching and spasms in the muscles. Chamomilla can be very helpful at treating underlying problems such as stress and fatigue.

Don’t let unwanted facial tics damage your social life and destroy your nerves. Make a move and take care of them. There are many things that can be done to improve the quality of your life.

Beauty Tips for Girls’ Hair and Skin

Simple steps can be taken to improve your hair and skin.All women want their hair and skin to look its best. With a little know-how, spending a small fortune on lotions and potions will be a thing of the past. Adopting a healthy lifestyle will not only benefit your health but will also show in your hair and skin. You can dramatically improve the condition and appearance of your hair and skin by incorporating the following hints and tips into your routine


Ditch the Smoking

  • Cigarettes result in aged and wrinkled skin.
    Cigarettes result in aged and wrinkled skin.

    A healthy lifestyle is vital if you want your skin to look youthful and vibrant. Avoid smoking cigarettes, which leave skin discolored and prone to wrinkles. The harmful oxidants in nicotine attack the skin, causing it to age prematurely.

Healthy Diet

    • Blueberries are bursting with natural antioxidants.
      Blueberries are bursting with natural antioxidants.

      Incorporate into your diet foods that are full of antioxidants, such as cranberries, prunes and blueberries. These foods combat harmful oxidants in the body, thus proving beneficial to the skin. Drink plenty of water; it is one the cheapest beauty aides available. Drinking water will improve the quality of your skin by flushing out nasty toxins.

Hair Trims

  • Hair should be trimmed frequently to get rid of split ends.
    Hair should be trimmed frequently to get rid of split ends.

    Regular hair trims will leave your hair looking in the best possible condition, without paying for expensive conditioning treatments. The hair at the ends is often the driest and oldest; regular trims will ensure hair looks healthy.

Get Enough Sleep

  • Try to get plenty of beauty sleep.
    Try to get plenty of beauty sleep.

    Most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep per night. According to “Fitness Magazine,” during the last three hours of sleep, your muscles are at their most relaxed, giving skin its deepest recovery period. Not getting enough sleep can result in dark circles and a poor complexion.

Avoid Heated Appliances

  • Hair dryers are damaging to hair.
    Hair dryers are damaging to hair.

    Although hair dryers, straightening and curling irons are beneficial when creating new styles, keep them as a treat rather than an everyday routine. The high temperatures are damaging to the hair and can cause it to become dry, damaged and prone to breakage. However, for days when there are no other options, use a heat-protection spray on damp hair which will form a layer, offering protection against high temperatures.

Stop Stressing

  • Stress is damaging to your appearance; find a way to relax.
    Stress is damaging to your appearance; find a way to relax.

    Too much stress can dramatically take its toll on your appearance. According to the website SoFeminine, stress encourages the production of excess sebum, as well as dandruff and hair loss. Find ways to relieve stress such as yoga, meditation or taking supplements such as magnesium.

About Beauty Salons

About Beauty Salons

Beauty salons are a place of magic for many women and even some men. In a beauty salon, the customer is pampered and made beautiful. Haircuts and styles, nail care, makeup tips and even spa options make a beauty salon the place where beauty happens. Customer satisfaction is key in a beauty salon business so that customers keep coming back.


  • Public Domain, Wikimedia CommonsA beauty salon is just that–a place where beauty treatments take place and products for beautifying are sold. They may be called many things, including a beauty parlor, beauty salon and even beauty shops. Cosmetic treatments for men and women are made available in a beauty salon with certified estheticians, professional massage therapists and certified hairstylists.


  • Savaman, Wikimedia CommonsTypes of treatments found at beauty salons can range from a focus on specific treatments to expansive and include a little bit of everything. Many great beauty salons have everything a customer needs to beautify skin, hair and nails. Some of the types of treatments found at beauty salons may include massage therapies, facial treatments, cosmetic applications, tanning options, waxing options, manicures, pedicures and hair care areas. Some beauty salons have started offering specialty services such as body scrubs, baths and also permanent makeup procedures.


    • JamieS93, Wikimedia CommonsA customer can go to a beauty salon to get the treatment she desires. Each treatment offers features that the customer may seek. The features of a massage are that the skin benefits by being touched (sometimes with beauty products) to promote relaxation and well-being. Manicures and pedicures are for the hands and feet; these treatments may feature hand and foot massages as well as treatments to soften the skin in these areas. Facials are one of the biggest features at beauty salons, because there are many different types for different types of skin and skin-related problems.


    • Heather Hutchison, Wikimedia CommonsBefore heading to a beauty salon, it is important to consider the cost of treatments and a pre-visit consultation with a certified professional. A pre-visit consultation will let you meet the person who will perform the beauty treatments on you and also give her a chance to go over any specifics you may need. The treatments may need to be tailored to your needs if you have sensitive or allergy-prone skin.


    • There are numerous benefits to going to a beauty salon. Relaxation, a healthy glow and a friendly atmosphere are all secondary benefits that a beauty salon offers customers. The primary benefits include beauty treatments to meet your needs, therapies for stress and tension, and professional staffs that can meet any of your beauty needs.


How to Sell Beauty Products Online

Sell Beauty Products OnlineIf you have a passion for beauty products and want to sell them online, you have two options: you can sell them individually on sites such as and or you may choose to open your own store. There are a number of advantages to opening your own beauty products online store, such as the freedom to design and manage your store how you see fit. EBay offers stores, but you won’t have the same freedom as you would if you opened your own store. EBay can offer you much more visibility than many of options.


  1. Visit Sally Beauty Supply online (see link below) and evaluate the website. Determine what you like and don’t like about the site. If you decide to open your own online store, shoot for that level of professionalism.
  2. Choose an E-commerce site to host your website, if you decide not to go with eBay. offers an entire package that includes your domain name, shopping cart and web hosting, and starts at $19.95. is another E-commerce site that offers packages for as little as $29.95 (you will need to purchase your own domain name). Both of these sites offer business email addresses, website templates (and the ability to use your own design), marketing tools, accounting tools, data feeds, Google AdWords coupons, the ability to create coupons or newsletters for your store and the ability to accept a number of different payment methods, such as Paypal, Google Checkout and credit cards. allows you to pick and choose the services you need, such as a domain name or shopping cart. Web hosting starts at $4.99. If you aren’t familiar with SEO and online selling, an all inclusive site such as may be the way to go. and offer a free 30-day trial. is a hosting site that allows you to operate your store for free. However, you won’t have an exclusive domain name and your URL will be lengthy. This is important because a shorter URL such as is easier to identify than one that includes the hosting site’s name and additional information, such as
  3. Design a catchy name and logo for your website or eBay account. Then create an About Me page that includes a brief bio about you and your business, such as how you began selling products and the types of products you offer. Create a Shipping and Returns page for your online store, or a Shipping and Returns policy, if you opt to sell through eBay. If you open an online store, create a Privacy Notice page that tells your customers how you intend to use and safeguard their personal information.
  4. Visit (see link below) to purchase wholesale hair styling tools such as dryers, curling irons and combs. Visit or call (800) 448-8347 to purchase hair products by Osis, J Beverly Hills, Fudge Retail, Dermorganic, I.C.O.N, BC HairTherapy, BC Sun and Benniefactor. Sometimes you can find much better deals just by taking advantage of sales or discounted items, versus buying wholesale. To find these deals, visit to find discounts on nail care, hair products, cosmetics, appliances, fragrances and bath care. See the link below. Don’t forget to check eBay for greatly reduced overstock items. Also check out Wal-Mart’s clearance section and Ross for reduced beauty products.
  5. Utilize SEO in your beauty product listings. Whether you sell on eBay or via your own website, having the right keywords ensures that your products will come up in relevant searches. Include information such as brand names, amount and special considerations. Take great pictures or use clear images for your products.

Active Manuka Honey Can Sweeten Your Life With Beauty Compliments!

Active Manuka Honey is one of the most amazing natural substances for skin anti aging. Manuka honey products have proved to work wonderfully in skin rejuvenation. It truly holds the potential to sweeten your life with a shower of beauty compliments!

Just imagine that you get a lot of compliments all of a sudden one day when you go out in the street, in the grocery, among your friends, colleagues and your near and dear ones. Active Manuka honey can make your aging skin look so young and naturally healthy that receiving beauty compliments for your healthy and vibrant skin will become a part of your daily routine!

So what is it that makes active manuka honey so special? What qualities have made it one of the best honey for aging skin? Let us do a comparative analysis, which will clearly show you how manuka honey products are much superior that other types of honey.

Not all types of honey are equally effective for rejuvenating aging skin. While raw honey has enzymes active in it, pasteurized honey is not as effective as its enzymes have been deactivated.

Active Manuka Honey is simply a totally different breed of anti aging skin rejuvenation honey. It is found on the manuka bush in New Zealand. As you know that New Zealand is one of the last places on earth which is still relatively been unaffected by the wrath of pollution.

Active Manuka honey has amazing medicinal and skin healing properties. It works like a wonder in skin rejuvenation and effectively heals all wrinkles, saggy skin, age spots and dark uneven skin complexion. It is rich in active antioxidants much more than the other types of honey and is also an antibacterial.

Recent studies of university level on Active Manuka honey in New Zealand showed that it helps significantly in renewal of new skin cells! Manuka honey products also showed to improve the production of collagen and elastin in the body of human volunteers. As you might know already that these are the two vital skin proteins in our body that are responsible in giving us a firm, supple and elastic skin.

Thus if active manuka honey enhances the natural production of these two youth giving skin proteins, then healthy and young skin comes automatically and naturally. Manuka honey products also showed to work very well in curing skin blemishes.

So, definitely you did not expect active manuka honey to have all these amazing qualities? It really surprises that honey can also perform such extraordinary functions in promoting skin health and skin rejuvenation.

Visit my website which I have dedicated for the research of such amazing natural substances that have proven clinically to give a healthy and beautiful looking young skin naturally. No wonder then that receiving beauty compliments for your glowing skin will become a part of your daily routine!

Vijay Raisinghani is a long time user and passionate advocate of natural skin care.

How to Start a Beauty Supply Store

A beauty supply store is the perfect business venture for persons with a passion for hair, make-up and other beauty products. Like most businesses, a beauty supply shop requires time and money. Before launching the business, do your research and make sure you have all the necessary supplies.


1. Take business courses. You don’t need a college degree to open a beauty supply store but you need some business knowledge. Study business financial management, inventory control, budgeting and entrepreneurship.

2. Work in a beauty supply store. Before starting your own beauty shop, find employment with a local beauty supply store or other retail store. Learn the ins and outs of working in a retail setting, understand customer service and learn about your competition.


3. Find a location for the business. Situate beauty supply stores in a busy area. Choose a location that receives a lot of foot traffic, perhaps a strip mall.

4. Write a business plan and obtain a license. Since you’ll likely need to apply for a small business loan, create a business plan. Write the plan yourself, or hire a professional. Visit your local City Hall and apply for a business license.

5. Get a small business loan. Every business requires start-up capital. If you don’t have cash on-hand, apply for a loan. Check your credit score beforehand and make improvements to it if necessary.

6. Choose a supplier. You’ll need to stock the beauty supply store with hair products, make-up and accessories. Research different beauty suppliers and pick the one that offers the products you want to carry at reasonable wholesale prices.

Winter Beauty Woes & Their Fixes

Dry unmanageable hair, itchy scalp, dandruff, flaky skin, cracked heels – all these cold weather issues can make you look worse throughout the season if neglected. We list some beauty woes and their solutions to make you look fresh-faced 24X7.

 Liquid Soaps in Winter Skin Care - Beauty Tips for Indian Women
Liquid Soaps
  • Winter is the best time to pamper your skin with a relaxing aroma oil body massage (once in two weeks) and nourishing and hydrating French facials (once a month).
  • Hot water can help you relax but does more damage to your skin than you know. Avoid taking longer baths. Use liquid soap as opposed to a soap bar. Slather on a moisturizer on damp skin immediately after taking a bath or use oil before you step in for a shower. Don’t use scrub in cold weather.
  • Switch to creamy moisturizers and face creams with antioxidants, vitamins and rich butters to keep your skin soft and supple for hours. Use body butters that tend to stay for long and are enriched with products like squalene, hyaluronic acid, essential fatty acids etc.
  • Since your skin works at night when you sleep, make sure you have a night time skin routine to let it rejuvenate.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure for more than 20-30 minutes a day, and don’t forget to apply sunscreen (SPF 25 or more) with an inbuilt moisturizer on sun exposed areas.


 Ketoconazole ZPTO Shampoo - Beauty Tips for Indian Women
Ketoconazole ZPTO Shampoo
  • Low temperatures and humidity leave your hair static. Condition your hair every time you wash it by using a good quality conditioner depending on your hair type. To keep it lustrous, apply a serum on towel-dried hair.
  • You may be of the belief that oiling hair is a must. But the truth is that people with oily and acne-prone skin must totally avoid oiling the scalp during colder months. If you’re really craving for a relaxing oil massage, wash off the oil within two hours.
  • Try not to blow dry and straighten your hair frequently. If you still need to do it, apply a hair protectant serum or spray before using any heating products.
  • Healthy hair starts with your favorite food. The natural oils in avocado promote hair health. Consume this fruit and turn any leftovers into a hydrating hair mask.
  • If your scalp is prone to dandruff, use an anti-dandruff shampoo containing ZPTO or ketoconazole at least once a week.


 Cream based foundation - Beauty Tips for Indian Women
Cream based foundation
  • Winter is a very challenging time for skin care and make-up and the best bet is to moisturize prior to applying make-up. Else, use a primer before applying a base foundation.
  • Opt for creme-based foundations; they are rich in texture and remain on your skin for longer in winter.
  • Use powder or compact sparingly to avoid dry, patchy skin. However, for oily or combination skin, use powder only on oily areas.
  • Chapped lips top the list of winter woes. If your lips are super dry, skip the lipstick and use a tinted lip balm, which is now available in many different colors. Make sure the balm has SPF and UVA/UVB protection. Exfoliate your lips regularly throughout winter by rubbing them with a wet towel. Avoid using a toothbrush for this purpose as it can be harsh on the lips. This will help your lips get rid of dry flakes. Also, avoid licking dry lips.
 Lip Balms with SPF Sun Protection - Beauty Tips for Indian Women
Lip Balms with SPF Sun Protection

MIRACLE SERUM: Got dry skin on your feet s and hands? Apply argan oil all r over them before bedtime and put on a pair of socks and mittens. When you wake up, n even your roughest spots will be soft and moisturized

MASK YOUR HANDS: In a bowl, mix two tsps olive oil and two egg yolks. Now, soak your hands in warm milk and then apply this mask all over your hands, especially the dried areas. To exfoliate the skin, try a natural scrub made out of olive oil and salt.

TRY SLEEPING WITH A HUMIDIFIER: Nighttime is the body’s chance to restore and renew itself. A humidifier will add just enough moisture to the environment and prevent it from further dehydration.

An Overview of the Different Health Products

Advanced technologies are used to make these products of extremely high quality. The health products are used in cosmetic industry for the manufacture of body as well as skin care products.

Herbal health products- the herbal health products when used on our body give outstanding and effective results on your skin. There are no side effects associated with the usage of these herbal health products, as they are made completely and naturally from the natural available herbs. The herbal health products has a wide range of categories that includes baby care, body care, skin care, hair care, health care, vet care, etc and so on. The herbal health products when used, satisfies the health as well as personal care needs of a contemporary living.

Some of the examples of herbal health products are Shahi Cool, Gripe Water, Forest Honey, and Chyavanaprasha. The other well known popular products are Echinacea is used to stimulate the immune system, Feverfew cures migraines, headache and prophylaxis, and garlic is used to treat atherosclerosis, and so on.

Beauty health products- the beauty health products are used to enhance your lost beauty or to restore the beauty that you already possess. Nowadays, the market of the beauty health products is displaying high growth. This market includes hair care, skin care, nail care, ayurvedic products, herbal products, cosmetic and make-up products, oral care products, etc. the list of the beauty health products is endless.

Cardinal health products- the cardinal health products are bringing new levels of efficiency and safety to the complete IV medical process. These products are designed particularly to protect the patients in the hospitals against medication errors for a number of doses every year. The different cardinal health products are Convertors that is a surgical gown; Chloraprep, a skin preparation product; Esteem, medical gloves.Personal health products- the personal health products are used to take care of your personal beauty in an innovative way. Many latest and novel products are available for personal healthcare. These products include comfort and orthopedic footwear, back support braces, cervical pillows, exercise equipment, bathroom aids, breast forms, etc.

Benefits of health products- it is not always necessary to use health products, but there are times in life when you have to critically depend on these health products for your beauty enhancements. These products give you the expected results in a short time and so most of the younger generation is attracted towards it. There are many benefits of using the health products. Let us have a quick glance on some of them: Coconut oil has high content of lauric acid which is well known for its anti fugal, anti bacterial and anti viral function and is used to increase the metabolism of the body. Virgin coconut oil present in natural soaps is a skin friendly product. Emu oil when used internally brings about the healing of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. When used externally cures a number of skin allergies causing rashes or pain in the joints or the muscles.

Dangerous ingredients in health products- not all, but some of the health products may contain some dangerous ingredients in them that may be harmful to your body. They may be unsafe and cause some health concerns. Stuff like mercury, lead or phthalates used in the health products leads to serous health concerns. So always check the ingredients used in these products that will be absorbed by your skin and won’t do any weird things with your hormones.

Use these different health products in order to get a better tone of your body and protect as well as prevent it from different health issues.


Not Diet For Beautiful, But Healthy To Beautiful– You may not agree with the above title because it is essentially a diet to maintain good health. If healthy, will be beautiful. Did my little separate between diet and healthy to understand how we should go on a diet and how it should be pretty healthy.

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Beautiful healthy is paramount. In a sense, the main purpose of doing activities that nourish such as diet, exercise, and a positive activity is healthy for us. Whatever that is health in order for us to be healthy and beautiful. So does the diet then the main goal is to be healthy and naturally beautiful for women.

But some people just go on a diet to the contrary i.e. for slim body while new diseases arrive. This is precisely the ridiculous diet and activities out of the diet principles.

Because the diet itself is understanding the rules of special food for health and so on. When referring to the notion of dieting then it should contain the principle activities of the diet is health.

There is indeed an unhealthy diet and said a diet activity. But in fact the major health to be the goal. So I say that healthy is most important and not a diet. This indicates that, in the diet should take precedence is health.

If the diet does the activity isn’t healthy, then the diet and avoid the better healthy living without dieting. Because a lot of fat that some people are actually healthier because of frequent exercise and maintain good health food consumed.

Dieting with the fat body of thought that have made himself distracted in activities until the endless disruption of thoughts and feelings are wrong in dieting. Indeed the body fat can disturb but if disturbed thoughts and feelings until the interference from the body fat precisely comes from our own minds.

Overweight does not necessarily disturb if our minds are always positive and considered that the disruption came only from the mind.

Dieting is to health so that starting from the mindset should be embedded something healthy thoughts and feelings. In a sense we are spared from stress, shame, minder, and others because of the fat.

When focus is on a diet for health and diet will be concerned with the health, sport will be concerned with health care, and other activities for the benefit of health. The value of diet plus is the ideal slim body has however remained healthy and energized.Beauty

Do not let the slim-bodied, but wither for lack of energy. Lest, slim but has a new disease caused by running a diet program. The point is not to go on a diet but forget about health care.

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